NAPD has teamed up with Conference Connections and CrowdComms to provide members who are attending Conference 2018 with a new conference App.

You can go to or click here to visit the App.

The Conference App provides the following options;

    Attendee Networking – the app allows attendees to connect with each other and message via our one-to-one chat platform. And knowing who to connect with is easy. Each attendee has a profile space where they can showcase their credentials. Guests no longer have to ‘work a room’.
    Real Time Updates – NAPD will be able to send real time updates to make sure attendees will always be kept in the loop on conference scheduling changes, upcoming speakers etc.
    Interactive Maps – NAPD will be able to provide members with interactive maps and floor plans linked directly to sessions and other events.

  • You can go to or click here to visit the App.

    Connect to the AppStore to download App