Conference Workshop Bookings now open

The NAPD conference workshops are a very popular and relevant experience for NAPD Members.

Please choose one of the Conference Workshop options available to you below. Once you have registered, you will receive an email notification confirming that you have registered for a workshop and the details of the workshop you have signed up for.

Workshops 2018

Workshops’ Selection – Delegates may choose one or two workshops from the list below.

  1. Workshop 1 Reporting and the language of learning – Fiona O’Brien (one 2 hour workshop)

  2. Workshop 2 Fo-choiste Gaeilge  – (ceardlann ag rith ar feadh uaire amháin – 1 Hour)

  3. Workshop 3 Further Education and Training Development Workshop (one 2 hour workshop)

  4. Workshop 4 Magenta Principles workshop – Mike Hughes (two 1 hour workshops)

  5. Workshop 5 The 4 Components of PsyCap – Jacinta Kitt (one 2 hour workshop)

  6. Workshop 6 The Digital Learning Framework – PDST Presenter (two 1 hour workshops)

  7. Workshop 7 Education Law – Incorporated Law Society speakers (two 1 hour workshops)

  8. Workshop 8 School Self Evaluation – John Gorman (two 1 hour workshops)

  9. Workshop 9 Careers’ Portal – Eimear Sinnott (one 1 hour workshop)

  10. Workshop 10 Open Schools for Open Societies Michelle Dunne-(one 1 hour workshop)

You can book your Conference Workshop now by clicking here.